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  QT6-15 Building block processing line Detailed parameter  


QT6-15 characteristic:
  NO.1  Uses a color touchable screen imported as well as PLC programmable foreword controller.and has these functions including input and output for a data, logic control and fault diagnosis automatically ruling out and others.

  NO.2  A hydraulic components imported,according to the requirements automatically adjust to volume and pressure, and precisely control action of components

  NO.3  The use of "oil-free bearings straight," four-oriented positioning, ensures the pressure head and mould of precise movement

  NO.4  The use of a table vibration , compression molding and reciprocating feed-oriented devices and others, causes to take shape of the cycle short, the production efficiency higher, quality of block density bigger, the intensity higher and the size more precise.

  NO.5  One machine multipurpose, to replace the brick mould can produce different specifications, hollow block, the curb stone, brick pavement and planting tree/grass brick, brick for protection of slope. in addition ,devices with fabrics manufacture products such as color road blocks


The main technical parameters

  1, briquette: 390 x 190 x 190 (mm) 6 / Die
  2, Forming cycle: 12 to 18 seconds
  3, vibration frequencies: 50Hz
  4, unit weight: CJ
  5, excitation rate: 80 kN
  6, the total power of unit: 28.5kW
  7, exterior dimensions: 10480 × 2400 × 2950 (mm)  
8, plate size: 680 x 850 x 25 (mm)

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